Saphira's Blog

Just wanted to introduce myself

Hi Everyone,

As you have already guessed my name is Saphira. I dont know why i didnt think about doing this earlier. Really exciting things are happening! For one my daughter who is 1 year and 5 months is not sick today so she can go back to nursery school and I can go back to work ! My daughters name is Nefeshya. 'Nefesh' means soul  and the 'ya' means God. So Soul of God.  People think its a bit of an unusual name but I like it. But anyways back to Hair Care!! 

I recently returned from an incredible trip to Riga, Latvia. Saphira products have been in Latvia for almost 2 years now. Aviad and I, oh by the way thats my husband and partner in crime gave a seminar and education on the products to an incredible group of stylists.  The people there really warmed our hearts. We love you Latvia and keep believing in yourself and in Saphira Hair Care.

Anyways just wanted to fill you in on whats going on and was so nice to meet you...Will fill you in soon of our other Saphira adventures!